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Thread: Speedtrap warning device using any GPS receiver.
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At 10:28 AM 11/4/01 -0800, Sandy Phelps wrote:
>I think it is astonishing the extent and expense that
>people will go to detect or defeat radar.
>It's much easier to just drive under the speed limit.
>It's low stress, low cost and considering the efforts
>to avoid a ticket, saves time.
>Sandy Phelps

If it was always deployed for speed enforcement, instead of revenue
enhancement, maybe people would feel differently.  When I got tagged in
Hawaii, I was, according to the officer's testimony, out of his sight
around a corner, and over the crest of a hill, and just one car in five
lanes of traffic. Additionally, his position was only a few hundred yards
from the aircraft carrier enterprise (they commonly run high powered radar
in port), and under a flight path where aircraft are landing, with weather
radar operating in the same band as his speed gun.

Additionally, I wasn't speeding, but none of that mattered.

After I brought out all this in court, the judge explained to me that in
his "radar court" (yes a special court, with special rules, just for us)
the only admissible testimony would come from the arresting officer, and
the radar gun manufacturer, who was not present.

They wave the gun, you pay the fine, see the cashier on the way out.

This incident also resulted in my arrest for contempt of court, a charge
that I heartily agreed with.

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