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Thread: Speedtrap warning device using any GPS receiver.
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> Olin Lathrop wrote:
> >Alternatively you could try obeying the speed limit.
> >

> Do, or do not.  There is no try.

Perfection may be the aim.
All probably fall short of the mark.
An honest try seems to work most of the time.

I think even the most socially aware of us have manage to exceed posted
limits on occasion.
It may be that there are administrations who ARE out to mainly gather money
and who ARE totally unreasonable in their policing but at least in this
country, if you honestly try to observe speed limits at all times, the end
result is approximately no tickets for speeding, over a 30 + year period -
based on a sample of 1. I in fact did receive a speeding ticket on a
motorcycle (and I was speeding *) and they let me off on receipt of my
written explanation. Being able to say that the officer concerned had
complimented me on my riding ability after I lost him in corners (at less
than the speed limit) (as I avoided his unmarked car's attempts to run me
off the road) no doubt helped my case :-).

I find motor vehicles indispensable. However, on the subject of perfection
and driving, I concluded long ago that if Jesus Christ were to have
physically lived in this era then he would not drive a motor vehicle. The
alternative's seem to be to either to break the law consciously and
repeatedly or to drive in such a careful manner as to annoy many others and
to cause them to do worse than they otherwise would have. Neither choice
seems acceptable if observance of the letter and spirit of the law is
desired. As driving one's self is not a necessity it would seem to be better
to not do it.


       Russell McMahon

(* - there's a little more to this story which makes it almost amusing. In
the most unlikely event that anyone wants to know ask offlist).

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