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Thread: =%5BPIC%5D%3A Speedtrap warning device using any GPS receiver.
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> What is it that you plan on doing with the GPS?  How is the GPS supposed
> to warn you of a speedtrap?

One method is to use GPS to derive speed across ground (taking account also
for elevation) and ensure that your velocity vector never exceeds the local
speed limit. You could also map speed limit boundaries to determine the
appropriate change points.

Generally intelligent application of a speedometer, brain and eyes works
well enough already. It's a cheap solution (as most systems are already
equipped with all the components) and it can provide an almost 100% success
rate against speeding, let alone speeding tickets. From what I've heard it's
FAR more successful at achieving a lack of speeding tickets than the results
reported by people using RADAR / LIDAR detectors.

   RM :-)

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Subject (change) =%5BPIC%5D%3A Speedtrap warning device using any GPS receiver.

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