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Thread: how does a radar detector work?
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>You couldn't see them because of all the smoke.
>One of my lasting impressions of the place was looking down on
>an intersection when the lights turn red. Hundreds of scooters
>appear and all sit there going "nyyyyynnnng nyng nyng", slowly
>filling the intersection with a grey haze. When the light goes green
>there's a long "nnnnnyyyyyynnnnngggg" noise and the whole
>intersection disappears in a blue-grey cloud.

I remember many visits where I could only see Chen Ching lake on the
weekends, even though I could always throw a rock into it from our apartment.

The major accidents I saw usually involved a logging truck, carrying many
tons of logs with only one chain (or even one rope!) to secure the
load.  Snap-smash, oops.

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