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Thread: how does a radar detector work?
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> > > You've never been in a taxi in Taiwan.. :)
> >
> >ROFL.
> >
> >I've jumped out of planes, done the white water rafting thing, drive a
> >hot-rod, etc - but I always recall my ride in the front seat of a taxi in
> >Taipei as one of the most terrifying moments of my life.
> >
> > > The only rule they seem to take to heart is "try not to hit things".
> >
> >I think that is "try not to hit concrete things". Things on scooters
> >don't seem to count. :-)

I spent a hectic week with 4 or so front seat passenger rides per day in
various private cars.
Most unnerving. BUT very very few accidents considering. No real care about
side of street in side streets until vehicles almost met and then a quick
hop into place while passing.

At major intersections (traffic lights and 5 or 6 roads intersecting and
busy traffic) a fair % of motor scooters would transit the intersection
entirely on the wrong side of the road. No accidents seen there!

I'm told that they find OUR driving behaviour unpredictable and dangerous.
Certainly, if you canme to NZ and drove like that you would die within
minutes as others would not expect it. When the rule appears to be "I'll
look after myself and aim to pass you on the right hand side of the road
unless I can get away with using the lefthand side" then it all seems to
work very well.

In a car, at ANY time of the day or night you have at least 5 scooters
behind you, 3 in front of you and two passing, one on each side :-)

> The most I ever saw on a scooter was seven.
> I heard of nine, but didn't see it personally.

I saw what appeared to be 5.

       Russell McMahon

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