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Thread: how does a radar detector work?
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> > >Speed kills period. If we all drove 5 km/h all the time it would be
> > >If none drove at all, traffic would be safe.
> > Basically, I agree with all of this. But to me, this sounds as if
> > at a speed higher than 5 km/h would mean that we necessarily and
> > consciously accept the risk of killing someone (with which I also
> this is exactly what i meant, and yes we do. (ppl seldom put it in words
> > need any speed limits at all. You've got to look at speed limits in this
> > way: they protect you from this responsibility. No speed limits means
> > responsibility... and full responsibility means that when you cause the
> > death of someone, you are responsible for it. There are not many drivers
> > around who actually would accept this responsibility.

And do note, under this system the charge would not necessarily be
manslaughter. Murder is a perfectly reasonable potential charge in such
cases. And an "enlightened" jury may well decide that a death caused by
driving at 90 kph past a school constitutes murder in much the same way that
death due to firing a .45 "randomly" in a crowded shopping centre would.

> Interesting point of view !
> Ponder this: In Germany they have today _no_ speedlimit on parts of their
> Always an eXception, isn't there? :-)

And as often, it's the one that proves the rule. This is AFAIK only on
Autobahns whose quality for such purposes is high. These roads are built
with the express purpose of allowing very high speed travel in safety. The
speed limit in this case still exists and is set by negotiation between
Governments and the vehicle manufacturers with a "voluntary" top speed of
?350 kph on "supercars". I suspect that Germany may have and enforce some
rather enlightened speed limits in other areas.


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