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 New Exciting Embedded Opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am currently conducting a search for a Bay Area based company that is
looking for a Solutions Architect. Please let me know if you might know of
anyone who would have an interest in hearing about the position listed below.
Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Solutions Architect.

-This engineer will work closely with business development and sales
personnel in a team to close license agreements.
-The Solutions Architect will be the key technical point of contact for the
-Responsibilities include establishing close relationships with the
customer's technical people (CTOs and VPs of Engineering to design
engineers), working with engineering and marketing to develop technical
expertise in products (CPU cores and Architecture), performing benchmarks for
customers, and performing competitive analyses.
-This engineer will also support customers in answering technical questions
regarding implementing in an SOC (System on chip).
-A key aspect of the job is the ability to work out with the customer a
complete system solution including a CPU, hardware IP, middleware and
operating system.


Michael Mattson

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