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Thread: LCD panel init problems
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This is the problem that I had some time ago. I discussed it at length with
a rep from Noritake in Frankfurt (STOPspamyyoshidaspamnoritake.de). It turned out that
the requirement to have at least 3 reset sequences (hex 30) at
initialisation is to avoid this particular problem. There are still things I
don't understand, for instance, the number of reset sequences could be any
odd number, but not even... Don't ask me why!
At the end I got everything working OK. I use vacuum fluorescent displays
(VFD) but the controller is equivalent to the hitachi types, the display is
LCD compatible, and as far as I know there is no operational difference,
except that the response is much faster and hence the delays are much
shorter then LCD's.

Cheers, Jan Didden

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