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Thread: how does a radar detector work?
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>I never really understood this difference. To me, personal responsibility
>is this... I guess if it were handled as manslaughter, we indeed would not
>need any speed limits at all. You've got to look at speed limits in this
>way: they protect you from this responsibility. No speed limits means full
>responsibility... and full responsibility means that when you cause the
>death of someone, you are responsible for it. There are not many drivers
>around who actually would accept this responsibility.

There are, however, quite a number who would drive without actually
thinking about it, and I won't be in much of a state to complain, after
being mashed into a red smear.

>In any case, the point is that the regulations in their totality serve
>primarily the goal to keep the vehicle traffic flowing. Imagine no
>regulations... you literally could not go more than 5 km/h, if you could go
>at all.

You've never been in a taxi in Taiwan.. :)

The only rule they seem to take to heart is "try not to hit things".

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