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Thread: LCD panel init problems
face BY : Jeff DeMaagd email (remove spam text)

I have a 2x20 character LCD panel that doesn't seem to want to init properly
on some power-ups.  We do have it and some 4x4 capacitive keypad circuitry
connected to the main board by a fairly scandard type 6" / 15cm long ribbon
cable.  Sometimes it powers up and inits properly, sometimes it displays
garbage.  Once it starts fine, it runs fine until shutdown.  Once garbage,
always garbage until shutdown.  A power cycling might change the situation,
but that is not guaranteed.

Should I try to add some a big bypass cap or check something else?  All the
ICs and the panel seems
to be properly bypassed to me.  I have also tried the power-up timer on the
PIC too, with little change.

Any general recommendations?  Thanks!


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