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Thread: MSP430
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>Anyone ever programmed one of the MSP430xxx chips from Texas Instruments?
>How do they compare with other RISC chips like the AVR and PIC.
>Also is it worth getting a programmer to program these for hobby use?


MSP430 outperform PIC and AVR if you need low power (battery) applications.
They need only about 400 uA when run at 1MHz while in LPM3 mode when all your peripherials are available i.e. your timers/counters work, but the CPU is shut off the current drawn is only 1,6 uA. The processor wake up for 6 uS and you can wake it with many different interrupt sources.
We had to make data logger wich had to operate long time from simple cell 3V lithium battery. Our first attempt was to make it with PIC ;) but then we realized that actually PIC LF parts consume about 120-150 uA and the 32 uA quoted in the datasheets are ONLY when you disable the WDT and Brown out protection. To run PIC at 32 kHz make it almost useless in terms of speed.

To start with MSP430 is very easy as TI supply limited 2K code C compiler and unlimited Assembler for free.
With simple JTAG adapter you can do more than you can do with Microchips ICD as it allows miltiply breakpoints etc.

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Best regards
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