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Thread: Simple microcontroller based Frame Grabber
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>I need to capture images periodically and store in memory for review in a
>later stage. There are many small and cheap CCD camera available in the
>market, but they provide only analog video output. I'm thinking of making a
>simple, microcontroller based frame grabber to convert the analog signal
>into digital one, so that I can store the data in RAM.

You can convert analog color video to a convenient digital format (bytes)
with video 'decoder' chips like Philips' SAA7113. You need fast logic or
DSP to write this data into RAM and read it back, because the data is
clocked at 27MHz! Then you can use an 'encoder' chip such as SAA7121 to get
analog video output. You need a micro as well, to control the encoder and
decoder chips via an I2C bus. The logic is best implemented in a CPLD such
as Altera's MAX7000 family...

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