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Thread: Flash tubes - for Kat
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Thanks Mathew,

I tried the Philips website, (yet to check osram) as one of my globe
wholesalers said If I can find a part # they can get it, but they have no
idea as they have steered clear of the area :o(



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Subject: [EE]:Flash tubes - for Kat

> Kat,
> If your are interested in some different types of flash lamps to play with
> then there is a major lighting distributor here in Sydney where I am sure
> you could buy some flash lamps from. May be not wholesale but if you are
> looking for some lamps of larger rating. I previously worked for them as
> Technician. We sold and repaired Strobes up to 1500w. These strobes were
> particularly useful for getting a sun tan from :-))
> I would be suprised if phillips or osram do not sell a lamp to suit..
> Let me know if I can be of assistance.
> Mathew Cohen
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> Go to http://www.showtech.com.au have a look at the strobes they sell and they
> more than likely have spares for the fixtures..
> Go to the pricelists - proshop - Geni -
> They have a range of strobes
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