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Thread: Practical car theft schemes
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Here in Perth, I have no problem with my '81 Holden (GMH) station wagon. It
has the left hand side caved in from some little person who does not know
that coming off a private road onto a main road means you give way (must
have got her license from a wheeties packet)

mind you I pity anyone who tries to steal our car, the engine is on the way
out, as it the clutch, only waiting on her insurance company to write the
car off, although I want my immobiliser off the car (they are compulsory in
WA) as it is a nice home made one :o)

And to the people who say home made is best as the car thieves know which
colour wire to connect where, use the system mandatory in WA, all wires are
black :o) and dummy wires are run too that do absolutely nothing (and I hide
the module in places that took me 1/2 the day to get the dash out to get to


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