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Thread: Is there 8-pin PLD or PGA?
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Okay, I'll jump in here, since I'm going to be off-line for a week or two...

I don't think this animal ever existed. The smallest commodity PLDs, e.g.
16V8, have 20 pins. The oldest PROMs went as low as 16 pins.

If you just need small physical size, surface-mount might help. Either use
20-pin PLD, or make your logic with single-gate packages from Fairchild's
TinyLogic series or equivalent.

If you can tolerate low speed, there are 8-pin PICs (and other breeds of
microcontroller such as AVR) that execute logic functions just fine (on
good days)...

But if you gotta have an 8-pin PLD and nothing else will make you happy,
get a bigger one and saw off what you need. ;-)

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