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Thread: Extending TMR2
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Thanks for the help. I need to vary a pulse width between 0.06s and 0.003s (using a
20Mhz, TMR2 16prescale & 16 post scale,  that is a count of between 563 and 4)
obviously, I run out at a count of 255 (0.029s) whilst TMR2 is timing this period
the PIC is busy doing other stuff. What am after is to put a value into TMR2, set
the output, have it time out the required period, interrupt once to reset the
output, therefore giving me the simple variable pulse width. This is a repetitive
pulse, but is initiated from an other input. All the other timers are 'in-use'.
8bit resolution is fine, and a minimum resolution of approx. 0.00012 will be fine.

Thanks for any advice.

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Mike Blakey wrote:
> I'm currently using a 16f876 20Mhz. in an application.  I need to delay an output
> between 0.06s and 0.003s.
> I have pre and post scaled to 16 on TMR2 but can only get a max. delay of 0.029s
> can not afford the overhead of waiting and counting interrupts. does anyone have
> any *smart* ideas to extend the time period?

Hi Mike, what's the main problem? Do you need
seamless and adjustable period delays? What
resolution do you need, how may total delay
periods do you need etc. More info is needed
before the best solution can be suggested. :o)

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