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Thread: Boat engine brainstorming
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Just an idea... It's been a long time since I've done any of this, but I
recall that engine diagnostic oscilloscopes can readily distinguish between
various ignition system faults. Perhaps you could get hold of an operator's
manual for one of these instruments, and learn the details. I have a manual
for the old (~1972) Heathkit CO-1015 Ignition Analyzer. It has a short
chapter on ignition analysis that looks very informative.

Knowing what the waveforms *should* look like, and how to acquire them, you
may be able to devise an automatic test system that's simple enough to
leave in situ. This sort of thing has been done before, in LAN testers that
use TDR for cable analysis. They don't actually display TDR waveforms, just
distance to fault and type of fault (open or short).

Mike Hardwick
Decade Engineering

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