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Hi Bruce,

Yes the system you described is very easy to build, the expensive part is
the pick up head, indala <sp> corp in the USA makes these panels that are
about 3 foot high, 1 foot wide and an inch thick, they have a range of ~18
feet when they are mounted with no ferrous materials around. I used to use
these in carparks, the only problem is to activate the card you need to hold
the card to get the ground plane (the human body acts as the ground plane)

IIRC the readers and the smart electronics are around AU$300 a pair, and the
output is in the industry standard Wigand :o)



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> I'm interested in this too, but in a slightly different form -
> Our staff usually have both hands full when they move from the public to
> private areas through locked doors.  So they have to stop, put down what
> they are carrying, unlock and open the door, hold it open with their foot
> while picking up what they are carrying and them pass through with the
> closing and locking behind them.
> I'm looking for a security tag that can be read when in proximity of the
> door so that it will be unlocked when a card comes within (say) 1m.  Then
> the staff just have to push through the door.  All the other data
> and authorisation you want I want too, with the extra complication of
> multiple activation (two cards go through at the same time) to sort out.
> know these exist, but are VERY expensive.
> While you're looking for your smart card system I'd appreciate any reports
> of proximity activated types you may come across.  Or maybe you will
> a non-contact system would better suit your application and your research
> will compliment mine.  (My research is all voluntary, in my own time, at
> own expense, so it is not progressing very fast).
> Bye.
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