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Thread: GIF, LZW Patent Issues
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That's similar to the solution we adopted... The source images have low
complexity. We translate GIFs supplied by the customer to BMP format, using
the 8-bit RLE option, with a standard translation tool. Then we extend the
BMP files to include a field for the color specified as transparent in the
original GIF files. The resulting morphodite image format is used
exclusively in our system. It's working okay now, but I still wish we
didn't have to use this odd-ball file format...

Mike Hardwick
Decade Engineering

>Try looking at the PCX format. It uses a form of RLE compression and has
>good results on non-photgraphic images. By that I mean images with large
>of solid colors compress very well. Images with lots of "noise", such as
>images tend not to compress as well. In the past I used PCX images and
>one of the color values as trasparent in my drawing routines.
>The code for PCX decoding can be very small and uses very little ram.
>it can also be very fast.
>Good Luck!
>Oh, yah,,,, try looking for information on the LZ compression algorythm.
It is the
>pre-cursor to LZW and is not protected, AFAIK. The W is the initial of the
>whom modified LZ into LZW and his company patented it. I think the W stand
>Welch. The L and Z are some strange names that I cannot spell, but
>they sound like "Lem-ph" and "Zip-fell" or something to that effect. Sorry
it was over
>10 years ago that I worked with this stuff.

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