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Thread: GIF, LZW Patent Issues
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Exactimo. The embedded system I'm developing has to *display* images, which
means that it must decode the files. If they are GIFs, then my system has
to use the LZW algorithm. The best deal we could negotiate with Unisys
involved a large advance payment. We decided to make a custom file format,
but I would rather use a standard. Whatever we use, it has to support
transparency because the system uses images for video overlay. MIFF and PNG
were the best candidates I found, but their code distributions are too
massive to be useful. Any ideas?

Mike Hardwick
Decade Engineering

>It would depend on whether the system was encoding or decoding or just
>storing or sending, i.e. an embedded web site that had stored images that it
>sent as part of an html page would not.  However, if it created the GIF's,
>then it would.  Likewise, if it decoded a GIF, then it would.  However, if
>it passed on the GIF to something else that incorporated a legal GIF decoder
>then it wouldn't.

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