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Thread: Smart Cards
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Hi David, a subject close to my heart :o)

Ok I have done alot of work in the security industry (I have not yet had a
client use smart cards)

I have researched smart cards, and found in manufacturers literature a lot
of warnings about ESD and card handling ie storage in purses and wallets,
and MTBF, I was not happy with the findings (I am still surprised that we
use them for money). The current trend in contact security devices is the
Dallas Ibuttons (available in Australia from Dallas security products IIRC.
This company are the only people able to sell I button stuff, but be warned
they are pricks, they told me that the demo kits were no longer available
and that they would have to consult their boss who was on holiday before
giving me a few samples, even though if I had a customer letter of intent to
buy 2 million "code devices" over a 10 year period.

I used the web form on the Dallas web site, and 2 kits arrived within 8
weeks ( I thought I had been knocked back as I had no response, and they
suddenly appeared on the front door)

I have not had a chance to play with the dev kits yet (as I have been in
hospital) but I did read the documentation.

One other idea is to use mag swipe cards everyone has (fly buys, Medicare,
bank cards etc) you use track 3 which contains the card number and expiry
date, which is safe and non intrusive. commercial mag stripe readers are
available form inner range security products for about au$30 and it sends
the data out in a serial format.


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