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Thread: Programming question
face BY : Tsvetan Usunov email (remove spam text)

>I am wondering what I'm doing wrong here. Any help appreciated.
>1) I just got the PIC16PRO programmer. I put in a blank 16F84 and am able
>erase, blank, etc.
>2) Wrote a simple program that flashes two LEDs, like a train signal.
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>Verify error
>Fuses: Buffer=3ffd device=3fff
>Is the pic bad?

Hi Erik,

check if your P16PRO have 330 pf on RB7 and RB6 lines, if not add them
we have schematic on our web site http://www.olimex.com/dev (PIC-PG3) you
can see what and where to add

Best regards
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