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Thread: SMSing
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>Hi one and all. I have searched the my email  database and found numrous
>mentions of people playing with SMS but no real mention of success
>I program in Delphi and have found a couple of components to add to my
>applications that communicate with a phone to send and read sms messages
>via the serial port and assume it can be done. I want to be able to do
>(as do many other apparently) from a PIC and an old phone without an
>internal modem such as a Nokia 5110. I have no problems if I have to use
>an eeprom to store letters etc as one of the messages mentioned that the
>text was sent as a hex type code so I figured instead of say a lot of
>in coding I would write the info to the eeprom say for each letter etc and
>read it back.
>However am I wasting my time? Is it at all possible?

yes, it is possile
you have to make level shifting cable between the phone and your PIC or PC
then you have to search in Google (or your favorite search engine) for
"nokia gsm at commands"
Nokia have very nice AT commands book made as windows help file
then all you need is to find your local sms center dial number (some phones
show this number somewhere in your settings) and to start playing with the
sms at commands

Best regards
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