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Thread: Basic getting started FAQ
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Hi Kevin, are you in luck, the way to program AVR's is called ISP (In
Circuit Programming) If you live in Au the October issue of Silicon Chip has
a great article on a simple programmer, and how to set the free software up

For the hardware, do a search on the internet (something like AVR ISP
programmer) wade through all the commercial crap (look at the sites as some
have the schematics, some offer etched PCB's) and you should find a circuit.
The circuit is dead simple, it has a D25 male for the parallel port, and a
2row 5pin (10 pins in total) .1" header. on the PCB is a few caps, a few
resistors and 2x 74xx244 bus driver chips.

On the Atmel site (http://www.atmel.com) go to flash microcontrollers, AVR,
Software Tools, grab the AVR Studio 3.2. If you want to run under dos or
older versions of windows, down load the AVR ISP software. I also did a
google search and found a few extra programs, like a coloured editor (IE
green is a label, cream is a definition I.E. Register 16 = TEMP)



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