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Thread: Small rockets NOT banned
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To all,

I can independently confirm this. I received an e-mail
from Bruce Kelly, President of the Tripoli Rocketry
Association (the high-power equivalent of the National
Association of Rockety), stating that yes, 1 lb total
weight rockets with 4 ounces of propellant or less
(essentially all black powder 'model' rockets) can be

High power rockets are still banned. Tripoli's lawyers
are trying to track down the paper trail for this
since there's some confusion even in the FAA as to
whether or not waivers should be granted. In some
cases the regional FAA office had told clubs that
their waiver was still good, but when they called to
activate it, their request was refused. Our launch
that was scheduled for today was canceled due to lack
of a waiver. It wasn't worth it to have people driving
50 - 100 miles just to launch model rockets.

According to Bruce's e-mail, the ban comes from the
DOD, with the president's authorization. The e-mail
also emphasized how SERIOUS the government is about
this and all of the other airspace bans. It tells
about the FBI showing up at a small airfield where
some crop dusters were based. The airport manager was
watching one of the crop dusters when one of the FBI
agents came over and ordered that the plane land
immediately. When it landed, all of the crop dusting
aircraft were locked in hangers, and one that wouldn't
fit had it's battery removed.

So, if the neighbors don't mind, go ahead and fly
model rockets, but be warned that high-power rockets
do show up on radar, and the government is watching
things especially closely right now.


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