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Thread: TMR0 time out on 12C50x
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>Hi Folks,
>    I want to be able to interrupt(reset is what actually happens) a 12C50x
>on a timeout of TMR0. However in the spec sheet I don't readily see and
>combination of flags in the status register that would indicate this
>condition. Am I missing something or is it just not implemented in this
>processor and I have to poll TMR0 instead(yeuk).
The C5x parts have no interrupt facility, so yes, you need to poll it.
To make this simpler, you can treat the timer as 7 bits, with the top
bit being used as a rollover flag - this means you only need to poll
at a rate of at least 1/128th of the TMR0 clock rate

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Subject (change) TMR0 time out on 12C50x

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