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Thread: appreciation of James Newton's administrative duties
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Howdy James,
   I personally want to thank you for your efforts and work on this list.
It has been very educational for me in the area of microcontrollers and also
in the EE area.  As far as the "Off Topic" goes, I was hoping that the
terrorist incidents would not show up...but did not stand idly by with some
of the comments that were being made.  I now am not making comments
regarding the terrorist incidents and encourage everyone else to restrain as
it has all just about been said at this point.  Everyone who has become
involved with the terrorism off topic discussion has shown their "true
colors" by now and I don't hesitate to demonstrate my pride and patriotism
for my country.  My points have been made and it is time for me to "move on"
to other discussions besides terrorism PIClist off topic discussions.
Mike Kendall
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Subject (change) appreciation of James Newton's administrative duties

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