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Thread: Tragedy/National Geographic Documentary of Afghanistan in the 80's
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> Hi James,
>     I agree that was a good solution with Kadafi.  It is important to look
> at the culture when considering how to "teach a lesson".  Some cultures
> respect power, might and the resultant use of it.....at the same time some
> cultures do not respect peaceful solutions as they actually view that as
> weakness.  In a way, those types of cultures do not allow peaceful
> to take place.  As it says in the bible and also in the song from the 60's
> that I like to hear once in a while....."there is a time for everything".
> wish that I could get a copy of the National Geographic special from the
> 80's that covered the fighters in the Afghan/Russian war.  It was
> exceptional in providing insight into the way the Afghan's think.  I
> it on TV (I seem to remember around 1985 or 86) and it was ingrained into
> memory very clearly ever since...which is saying alot for a TV documentary
> seen 15 years ago.  In that National Geographic special, they covered an
> individual that was especially talented at using stinger missiles at
> Russian helos, a group of fighters, and interviews of the fighters.  They
> showed coverage of the fighters that had actually been mortally injured.
> These people believed that they bypassed the mid-level waiting area of
> version of heaven and went straight to their version of heaven.  They
> believed that if they cried out in pain they would not become martyrs and
> lose this opportunity.  The dying person who had horrible injuries, in
> did not cry out at all as he died...nor did he have pain killers.  The
> fighters regularly used hashish as a tool for morale.  I believe that this
> aided in their way of thinking.  Also, during an interview with one of
> fighters...Afghanistan has been at war for decades, he expressed shock at
> their then "allies", the USA, in that they had so many bombs, planes, and
> weapons and yet they DIDN'T WANT to be at war with anyone.  He stated that
> he would surely be using these weapons to go to war with someone if it was
> at his disposal.  It was a very eye opening insight for me then and until
> now, I'm impressed with that documentary.  With that in mind, I do not
> believe there is a peaceful solution with these people and that current
> world affairs has nothing to do with the affairs that are currently going
> in that country....the Afghanistans REALLY like to fight, as documented
>and it has become a way of life
> for them....to include forms of guerilla warfare and terrorism.  Russia
> not succeed with quelling Afghanistan and that was during the height of
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Subject (change) Tragedy/National Geographic Documentary of Afghanistan in the 80's

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