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I know you are not a representative of your people. You are oh so wrong on
the who did what in nuclear fusion/bombs, were do you get your facts. Now I
remember why we beat your soldiers on our soil. Your so called "brain cell"
couldn't stop us slow folks....ha. Notice we are free from you now. You also
could not win WW2 until the USA stepped in. Look at the facts. If you think
everything we do is stolen, then you need to get an education. Most of our
knowlege from other countries came from when those people all ran to the

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> Well you can fuck off...if it wasn't for the British you wouldn't know
> anything about nuclear fusion/bombs....you lot supplied us with
> in exchange for everything we knew about the bomb...because you lot didn't
> have a clue. If it wasn't for the Germans you lot would know fuck all
> space flight and rockets....you had to sneak in after WW2 and steal all
> German experimental results. would you like me to go on about how almost
> you so called know was obtained from every country except yourself. You
> the biggest polluters of the atmosphere. You still have people walking
> around in white sheets, you have the highest death rate in public schools.
> And it was you lot that made a film that said you stole the first enigma
> machine.. so who's full of bollocks. You might have a big country, you
> have lots of money but you don't have a brain cell between you. And if
> America is so powerful how come your begging people to accept clause
> 5,,,because you cant do this on your own. that's why. Now do something
> useful like don't think.
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