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Yes Justin, the Americans are hated by many people in the world who fear
and/or don't have what they want.  The Americans have a way of life that is
very alien to some who live under a dictatorship, or cannot choose their own
religion, or have been programmed through  propoganda etc..  You live in the
UK or Canada??  You stike me as the type of personality that would be seen
as a flag burner during a broadcast demonstration on the news.  You have
also succeeded in pissing off many people on this great listserv.  I resent
you for voicing your unwelcomed and anti-american/anti-free world opinions
and also for bringing down this listserv several notches through your
attempts to stir everyone up.  I'm going to attempt to contact your employer
to pass on to them some of your emails.  You are very immature.  You have
the right to your own opinion....but also you have the right to be disliked
because of it also.  You are a real jerk Justin.
Mike Kendall
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> Very well said, I find it amazing that most Americans cannot understand
> people would want to do this.  Don't they understand how much they are
> around the world?  Don't they understand why?  I think some will start to
> realize.
> Justin Fielding
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