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 Having lived overseas for 6 years in Japan and Philippines.  Having been
to the middle east, in the desert, and the far east.  Having seen foreign
military in the desert having anal sex with each other after raping their
fellow military members.  The muslims that kill the christians because of
their religious believes.   The dictators.  The corrupt.  The ignorant.  The
un-educated.  The evil and crazy that are unchecked.The people programed by
the propoganda from their government and controlled newsmedia.  I can say
that I'm truly proud to be a free American. Name one "free" country that is
not treated with respect by the USA. The USA treats other countries with
diplomacy, justice, and when necessary they instill fear.  The other
countries should rightly fear the might and power of the United States.
I'll remember not to talk to you on this list, that's for sure.
ETC(SW/AW) Mike Kendall USN

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