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Thread: Simple RS232 hardware
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..so your special transceivers are integrated into PCs are they ? I
think you missed the point - I explicitly qualified my comment as
applying only to PCs, which will always use one of a few standard
transceiver chips, not any special 'high noise immunity' one, unless
you're working in a specialised market that uses unusual serial ports
on PCs, in which case you probably don't care about the cost of
I would have no argument whatsoever that if you want to talk to things
other than standard PCs you should use a 'proper' transceiver, but if
you know you're talking to a PC, it is an unnecessary expense.  
I've used PICs with resistors in several products, with many thousands
of units in the field over many years and have had not a single report
of a problem.

_Given the stated limitations_, I stand by my 'it works, period'
statement and would be interested to know of any transciever used in
production PCs that has been found not to work reliably from 5V
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