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Thread: ICD question
face BY : Michael Maiorana email (remove spam text)

Trying to figure out if my "homebrew" ICD is working. I'm using MPLAB 5.4
and the ICD 16f876 is programmed with the code that came with that release
(2.30.01). Anyway, I've got communication with the ICD, but when I click on
"options" then "self test", I get an error that says "incorrect MCLR pin
high voltage. Check ICD pin 1.0xA7".  Is this error because I don't have the
ICD connected to a host, or do I have a problem with my circuit. BTW, I am
getting 13 volts from the charge pump/regulator, and the power switching
transistors seem to be working. I also checked the VPP signal to the 16F876
via the voltage divider. The voltage is correct there too.

Can anyone give me some guidance?
Thanks and regards,
Mike M.
Palm Harbor, FL

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