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Thread: Low Power options
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Hi Giles,

Although MAX makes some good parts, I would suggest to use Seiko PFM series of switchers (pn 8323 / 8324 series).  Not
only are they much less $$, around US$0.50 each, but you can actually buy them.  Check out the line at Mouser, or their
other distributors.

We have used many of their switchers in battery powered products and can tell you that they work great.  As a matter of
fact, the typical current draw while they are ON is generally in the 10uA range, off <0.5uA.  Most with internal
switching transistor have outputs in the 100-300Ma range.  By using one of their parts that need an external switching
transistor, you can get just about any current that you need.  The cost of an inductor (around US$0.50) makes it a low
cost PS in the 100-300Ma range.

We normally run them on so that the micro can be in sleep mode to allow an event to wake it up.  10uA may sound like a
lot, but do the math with the batteries that you are using, and you should see that it is almost of no concern assuming
that the micro will be used.

- Mike

Giles Honeycutt wrote:

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