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Thread: Need help with faulty El Cheapo
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Hola Mate,

I had the same problem.

The 2N7000 is not shown correctly on the PCB layout.  The flat side will need
to face the rounded part of the drawing.  If you admire it (schematic) you
will see that the drain would be connected to ground if you put it in like
the picture.  Reading from the data sheet the pins are (from the top) DGS,
the board is arranged SGD if you used the picture.

See page 601 of the book, you will also need to correct the schematic
concerning the transistor Q2.  The schematic is incorrect, the collector is
connected to pin 4 of U2 (18-pin socket) and the emitter is connected to the
7812 13V supply.  The drawing for the pin layout of the 2N3906 is also wrong.
The pins are from the top CBE vice the EBC shown.

Hope this helps.

Michael Blair
Gringo en Puerto Rico!
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