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Thread: Internal Antenna baloney!
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My guess is that it does increase the performance of the antenna and this is
why I'm saying it.  With a plastic bodied telephone and a whip that does not
have a decent counterpoise (the newer units are going to have a fractal
antenna to allow transmission on cell phone bands and receipt of GPS signals
to comply with the FCC requirement so the whip is not applicable with them).
With the metal of the "battery antenna enhancer"....even if it was a piece
of copper foil tape instead of the fancy looking geometric shape that they
get to charge you for, there should be a better capacitive coupling into the
hand of the person holding it.  My guess is that the cell phone user's body
becomes a human counterpoise electrically equivalent to a very lossy ground
on the marconi cell phone antenna (loaded whip) along with the fact that the
first electrical part of that is the foil tape itself.  Half of a Marconi is
the ground plane.
Mike Kendall
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