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Thread: sanity check
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I'm just looking for a sanity check before I proceed. I'm new to the PIC
world and want to develop a project that uses one of the newer Flash
parts (16f870). I want to build as much of the development system as I
can. Here is what I'm planning.

Build the "Flash-PIC Programmer" from Martin Clausen's web page
Once built, I should be able to program 16f87x parts using his DOS
program and my parallel port.

Then, I'd like to build the ICD from the "build your own PIC development
tool" web site (sorry, don't have the name handy, but I know it was from
France). I will then program the 16f876 for the ICD using the previously
built programmer, along with the code that comes with the Microchip
MPLAB version 5.4 downloaded from the Microchip web site. I want to be
able to use the home-brew ICD with the MPLAB software from Microchip to
debug my code.

So when I'm done I should have a flexible programer, along with an in
circuit debugger.
Did I miss anything?
Thanks and regards,
Mike M.
Palm Harbor, FL

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