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Thread: Showing NiCads who's boss
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Years ago, I bought a book called "the battery book" put out by Tab I seem
to remember.  This guy burned out the dentrites on over a hundred batteries
to  get a percentage of recoverable batteries result.  He used the method
that was a little more homebrewed but better.  First, he put the batteries
in the refrigerator.  He used a very high current capacity device.....a car
battery connected backwards.  He would connect the cells backwards accross
the car battery for a second or two and then put it back in the
refrigerator.  This was done for a few burn cycles with a very good recovery
rate.   A note to anyone trying this as I've succesfully done it is to
connect the wires to the battery tabs and then connect the wires to the
battery posts.  The wires will leave arc spots.  Better to burn out the end
of some scrap wire and the car battery post will not be hurt.  I've done
this out in the field to handheld radio batteries very succesfully.
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