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Thread: First open source update for SXKey users!
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When Parallax stop developing the SXKey, I was crushed. There followed many
cries of despair from the SX community and for a long time we just suffered.

I started recommending other SX debuggers

Finally, Parallax, did the right thing, and released the source code for the
and finally, we are starting to see some grassroots updates.

Peter Montgomery has released his first SXKey software improvements!
Here's a list of the current changes:

1. All windows store (and use) their last positions in the registry.
2. Added a button labeled "Default Pos." on the Debug window which will
reset the debug windows to the default position when pushed.
3. The COM port is stored and retrieved from the registry.
4. The IRC calibration settings are stored and retrieved from the registry.
5. The program now maintains a list of the 5 most recently opened files in
the registry. When a file is loaded from this list, the current working
directory becomes the directory of the open file. This more or less
eliminates the need for a default directory since users can open files from
the most recent list and then navigate from there if needed.

Download SXKey 1.33.1 from Peters member page at:

Peter says: "Here's hoping that people find this useful. More changes are in
the works, but they will have to wait a little bit. Yes, an updated editor
with undo, redo, scrollbars, etc is planned"

Thanks Peter!

James Newton
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