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Thread: Oscillator leads
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   It does sound like a "cold" solder/weld joint on the lead.....however,
I'd like to pass on a bit of "crystal" experiment of my own.  Years ago, I
bought  a VCR that had a clock that  ran about an hour fast every day.  My
previous wife said "your an electronics technician, fix it".  Thinking about
it, I remembered an old electronics project book that had a clock with a
CD4049 divide by "N" chip and a crystal.  I looked inside and saw two TV
colorburst crystals.  Sure enough, there was a CD4049 next to one of them. I
took a screwdriver tip and knocked very hard on the crystal case and put the
VCR back together.  Sure enough, the clock then worked accurately.  The
crystal was operating in a second mode of resonance.  I went to work and
told some other people this story and got alot of skeptical comments from
one guy.  About 3 months later, same person humbly told me he had worked on
a similiar VCR with the same problem and that had been the fix.
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