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Thread: Building a Servo "Bottom Breathers'
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> Got any specific examples of these models?

BMW 5-series is the one I was asked to help with.  Have to admit
that I haven't actually traced the airflow path.  I just discovered
the blown engine, the BMW mechanic said it was from ingesting
water.  Another mechanic friend said that "many newer cars are
bottom breathers" (I don't have any specific examples from that
statement).  Since the owner was driving in a rapidly flooding
parking lot in water nearly up to the door sills when the car
stalled, and the engine never ran again (actually, never turned
over again), I  accepted the bottom breathing, water ingestion
Completely unrelated:  this was a bit of an eye opener for me - I
don't drive this type of car - I drive "extremely inexpensive" stuff,
to be polite.  The car's owner told me BMW wanted $15,000US for the
engine and $2,000 to put it in - figures I found truly staggering.

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