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Thread: varactors vs. air variable caps and LED windows
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Hi Peter,
   I'm guessing that the tuning wire wheel that you mentioned must be the
older type of tuning assembly in radios that has the string that provides
the reduction ratio when turning the air variable cap.  Really good idea.
I've got  a "made in Taiwan" GDO that  has a large dial with teeth on it.
The cover on the "wheel" must cover up the fact that it may just be one of
those tuning wheels.
   I did a search for Lambda diodes and only came up with microwave diodes.
Are the Lambda diode oscillators Gunn diode oscillators, and if so, can they
be used in low frequencies?
   The specification sheets on the varactors have specific voltage values
necessary to obtain the desired capacitance. Do you mean that  I need to
carefully choose  the correct N-channel JFET in the oscillator when you
mentioned " provisions for amplitude limiting the oscillation"?  I was
looking at using the 2N7000 as it seems superior to some of the older  MPF
type JFETs?
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Subject (change) varactors vs. air variable caps and LED windows

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