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Thread: Building a Servo
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>   * for really fast stopping of the engine you could cause the
> piston/cylinder to try to act on something less compressible - such as
> water by using a car windshield washer fluid pump with a small
> reservoir and hose directed into the intake... though this might be too
> drastic.

fast stopping ONCE!  Auto mechanics have a name for this - "hydrolocking"
(not sure about the spelling).  It locks up the engine and destroys it.
Saw the results once - a friend tried to drive a car out of a flooding
parking lot, and it stalled.  Asked me to help him get it started the
next day - engine would not turn over - found a hole in the pan with
pieces hanging out of it - engine was junk.  The air intakes on this car
are apparently quite low to the ground.

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