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Thread: varactors vs. air variable caps and LED windows
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Thanks for the input Peter and Alan,  I was considering using them in a grid
dip oscillator.  If a varactor is used, I wonder if it would need to be
buffered?  I saw that the Motorola varactors are discontinued and even some
of the varactors on digi-key are discontinued and only available in a
surface mount package.  NTE makes some varactors in a TO-92 type case.  I'm
starting to wonder if a varactor is not the correct part for a GDO circuit?
There was a NTE618 AM tuning varactor.  If I tied them together to isolate
the tuning voltage in the oscillator circuit, the capacitance would be
halved and in the range of 250pF but with low Q and possibly the need for
switched-in fixed capacitance values?
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Subject (change) varactors vs. air variable caps and LED windows

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