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Thread: Building a "counter" w/PIC16F628
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     On the 74AC74 [which is good to ~180 mhz,
> IIRC], how far down can you count using the pre-scaler?  I was advised
that many prescalers do not count down very low because of capacitance
effects internal to the prescaler itself.  If this is the case, my immediate
thought is to have the prescaler switch in at a specified frequency, sort of
a low and high range.  The program would of course have to account for the
prescaler being present on some frequencies and not present on others.  In
my app, there will be different ranges and higher range could be toggled in
with a switch allowing the prescaler to be used.  Has anyone done this, or
is  there a need for this?
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/time.htm?key=count
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