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Thread: varactors vs. air variable caps and LED windows
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I origionally  accidently didn't  include the brackets around the "EE" so am
re-sending this message with the correct subject.

Have a project I've been working on for months  now.
1st question-  What is a good  source for the plastic used for LED windows
for the red 7 segment LED's?
2nd question-   Polling for input on Varactors vs air variable capacitors.
I recently purchased 16 RF tuner capacitors at $1.25ea from Electronix
Express only to find that there is no such thing as a mating knob for them
in the USA (they have two flat sides on the tuning shaft and a threaded hole
in the center of that.  Also, the shaft is extremely short).  I've
considered using a varactor tuned oscillator circuit with the 120pF variety.
Saw a web page that uses two varactors chained together with the tuning
voltage at the  tie point.  The circuit web page mentioned the low Q of
varactors and  I'm  concerned about this affecting my circuit negatively.
I'm aware of homebrew amateur 2meter transcievers using varactors and their
usage in radio receiver tuners.

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Subject (change) varactors vs. air variable caps and LED windows

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