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Thread: varactors vs. air variable caps and LED windows
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   Thanks for the reply.  Where might I get the panel bearings at?? There
is a local family  owned hardware store (Lonestar Hardware, after all I'm in
TX) that I was already planning on bringing one down to to try just that.
Was figuring they'd be metric.  All Electronics has the male to female
circuit board standoffs for 100ea at 8 clams ($).  These units have what
looked like mica but  probably plastic like you said spacers between the
plates, I'll just use super glue from the dollar general store for the same
affect.  I've experienced  the affects of nail polish on RF tuned circuits
before when setting something after an adjustment. Missed out on a buy it
now on Ebay for 800 pieces of these caps  for $100 as I wasn't so sure if
this would all work out.
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Subject: Re: varactors vs. air variable caps and LED windows

> About knobs for the air variables:
> I have used 1/4" diameter spacers that have 2-56 threaded studs with
> that type of capacitor.  Just screw the spacer into the cap with a
> little locktite and use a regular 1/4" shaft knob.  Beware that excess
> locktite may attack the plastic of the capacitor body.  Also I usually
> use a panel bearing for the shaft to reduce stress on the capacitor
> body.
> Sherpa Doug
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Subject (change) varactors vs. air variable caps and LED windows

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