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Thread: Building a Servo PIC16F628
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   Being that I'm one of those 2,000plus readers I've paid attention to
this and previous mentions of the newer/more-enhanced PIC16F628.  I'm a
believer in the addages "If the spoke is broke fix it" and "if it's not
broken, don't fix it".  This saying meaning sometimes it's better to replace
the entire wheel than to fix the spoke, but if it's not broken in the first
place....  Anyways, I've been gearing up for quite some time on a project
that will use a digital frequency readout.  I've seen alot of existing
plans/code  for frequency counters with displays that use pre-scalers.  One,
in particular uses a $3 digikey prescaler chip (cant remember the chip right
now) and is claimed to work up to 2.4ghz.  I would not need to go anywhere
near that high as a counter for this project.  With this in mind, I wonder
what code exists as "freeware" to use as a counter with the newer PIC16F628
or if the older F84 code will work on these newer chips?  I'm guessing the
code won't because of the differences in the clock speed.  My display will
consist of 4 digit LiteOn  LED's that were origionally intended for clock
diplays as there is a colon in the middle of the display.  It can easily be
used as a simple 4digit LED just the same.  Reason for these LED's is that
I've got over 650 of them to use up. I'd rather not have to write code for
this project at my present level of PIC expertise.
Mike Kendall  ke6cvhspam@spam@the-i.net
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> Herbert,
> You are certainly welcome to use the F84 for your project (and it should
> work just fine). However, remember there are 2000+ others reading the
> PICLIST and it would be a disservice to them not to let them know the
> 'better' alternatives.
> The answer you receive today will be going into the archives where
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> > has decided on using a certain part? Why does it matter that I have
> decided
> > to use a part that might not be optimal but should work anyways? True
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> > wants to use something and you get dozens of messages asking why not
> > part and why not that part. Maybe I'm the only one annoyed by this, so
> > it. TTYL
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=servo
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