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Thread: microwave-inclined storm-spotter ??
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   That one would not require a meter to verify it as being unsafe.  The
"shield" you mentioned has a hole every 1/2 wavelength at the FCC frequency
of 2450mhz.  I also have seen microwave abuse.  I saw a group of people that
bybassed the interlock on a microwave once and would open it up to see if it
the food was hot and the oven would still be running.  I did them a favor
and "made it dissapear" as they would not listen to me.  When you feel the
warmth (usually in your eyes or testes) the microwave damage has been
seriously done already and it is too late.  I used to take cockroaches and
put them in the microwave oven many, many years ago as a "ironman" cockroach
competition.  Some would last in excess of 1/2 hour on high.  How did they
do this?  Whenever they went from the edge of the microwave towards the
center, they would turn back around.  Eventually they would all go towards
the center and get cooked within seconds.  Apparantly, the magnetron is able
to concentrate the vast majority of the energy towards the center of the
cooking area.

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