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Actually,  it would make more sense to think of it as a radio term.  RCA and
radios were the internet back in the 20's. There are alot of parallelisms
between how RCA's stocks were overvalued and caused the stock market crash
of 1929 and the "dot com" stocks were in modern times.  Capacitors and
inductors are used to shorten the electrical length of an antenna.....hence
a condensor.  The  large variable capacitors are not a thing of the past.
They are still commonly used in transmitters that require large working
voltages in the KV range.  People that have worked with radios for many
years commonly call capacitors "condensors", tuners "couplers", dipoles
"doublets", etc.  I respect the traditional terminology and all the rich
history that goes along with radios and commonly find myself using any of
those terms.  If you are talking about a .1uF filter capacitor in a PICmicro
book, it would seem really wrong to call it a condensor.  If you are talking
about  a capacitor in a radio circuit, there doesn't seem anything wrong
with it to me.
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